Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Impressed KUER Listener

Sometime in the past year I've become an NPR fiend. Instead of listening to local alternative stations or my iPod, I'm keeping up with world politics and news on All Things Considered or The World, depending on what time I'm commuting that week.

Previous to my discovery of the wonder that is Public Radio I had the misfortune of thinking KSL was my only choice for news. KSL runs the Sean Hannity show and oh the months I listened to that idiot, thinking his skewed and dishonest version of the daily news was the only option I had. If I ever hear another one of his listeners call him a "Great American"... *shudder*

But life is better now.

On to the real reason I'm making this post. Back in mid-September Doug Fabrizio ran a piece called Nuture Shock about misconceptions about parenthood and discipline, lying, etc. During one of the bumpers he had this awesome synthpop sounding piece of music. Being the huge slave I am to synthpop I HAD to find out what he used.

I hopped over to the KUER website and looked for a forum discussing the Radio West pieces but didn't find any. I found a contact us link and fired off an e-mail listing the name of the piece and the exact time stamp it started, hoping that would help whomever received my random e-mail. A month passed and I figured they were probably too busy actually running a radio show to respond to a silly question like mine.

Well this afternoon Elaine Clark, senior producer for Radio West e-mails me back apologizing that it took so long to respond. She even went as far to check on the site they pulled it from, the audio section of Newgrounds (which I didn't even know existed, I thought it was all games) and found it wasn't there anymore. She gave me the name of the artists and the title of the song and I was quickly able to find their homepage and the song.

Thank you Elaine, for going above and beyond for a listener. I love public radio.

Here's You Make Me by Blarsa.


Christy said...

Dude... This post was just like an episode of The Simpsons.

Kimberly said...

I love NPR too. Talk of the Nation is also a good one, but it is on mid-day.

Jer said...

Christy: Yeah, it kind of was wasn't it?

Kimberly: I feel like an old person admitting I love NPR but I take solace in the fact that it introduces me to music I don't hear elsewhere and that's sort of hip, right?

sideon said...

Artist name and song???

God dammit, you're leavin' me hangin'!